DWS 009J ماكنة شمع موديل

The DW 009J is a 3D printer for jewellery incorporating DLP technology, ideal for producing masters for silicone moulding and models for lost wax casting.

This is an entry-level printer – without compromising performance – developed specifically for small workshopsdesigners and artisans who require low production quantities, but the highest-quality results.

This desktop machine’s compact design offers a cost-effective entry point to 3D printing, with minimal investment and extremely low running costs.
Capable of producing more than 50 models per day, the 009J is a reliable printer, compatible with various investment casting and rubber moulding materials. The integrated DLP technology developed by Texas Instruments ensures accuracyprecision detail and high resolution.


Main Features

  • Entry-level printer offering professional performance
  • More than 50 models per day
  • Automatically generation of support structures
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Ultra-low running costs
  • For investment casting and rubber moulding models
  • DLP pixel size: 40 microns

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ماكنة شمع موديل DWS 009j

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