DWS 028JE ماكنة شمع موديل


DW 028J is also available in ECO and Plus versions:

DW 028 JE (ECO version) is a 3D printer for rapid production with high definition. It is a reliablecost effective and high resolution 3D printer which allows to realize small batches of models with smooth surfaces, undercuts, cavities, ensuring freedom in designing.

  • Working Area: 65x65x90 mm
  • Up to 80 models per day

DW 028J Plus has a wider working area of 90x90x90 mm and allows to realize up to 150 models per day. DW 028J Plus produces detailed and fine models,undercutscavitiesfiligrees, ensuring the highest freedom when designing.

  • Working Area: 90x90x90 mm
  • Up to 150 models per day

Main Features

  • High-speed and high precision
  • UV laser stereolithography
  • Up to 80 models per day for model DW 028J and DW 028JE
  • Up to 150 models per day for model DW 028J Plus
  • Automatically generation of support structures
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to refill material
  • Printing area: 65 x 65 x 90 mm for model DW 028J and DW 028JE
  • Printing area: 90 x 90 x 90 mm for model DW 028J Plus
  • Wide range of materials available for all jewellery and fashion accessory applications
  • A high-resolution (HR) version is also available for filigree, extra-thin models, and extremely fine detail

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ماكنة شمع موديل DWS 028JE

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