About Us

Not just a casting company. Our family business also has the largest selection of fabricated metal products and jewelry tools and equipment’s in the country. Our experience with precious metals dates back to 1996. Since that time the company has built a solid reputation based on reliability and honesty in a major player in the Palestinian precious metal market.


Jewelry Creations is a  QAWASMI  jewelry Company that wants to make a positive difference every day in the lives of our clients, our staff, our community and even the world.


We are dedicated to creating happy clients and Jewelry Creation Nation members. We always strive to be a positive, driving force in the community, and help those less fortunate whenever we can.


Our business philosophy is simple: We believe every client is and should be treated as the most important person in the world. We believe that we should treat everyone with respect and honesty, provide everyone with the best quality for their money, and always do what is right for the client. We will always be personally responsible for our own actions as well as the companys’ actions.

How Effective Is What
Our Clients Use?

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Check out These Rules

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Working Days of Our Company

Saturday  8-5.30

Sunday 8-5.30

Monday 8-5.30

Tuesday 8-5.30

Wednesday 8-5.30

Thursday 8-5.30

قصة نجاح - مصنع القواسمي للذهب والمجوهرات - المجلة الاقتصادية

فيديو خاص عن مدينة الذهب حيث تعتبر مدينة الخليل موطن صناعة الذهب

اخر التطويرات داخل شركة مجوهرات القواسمي

Trusted Us for A Long Time!

How Much Do Trust Us?

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Cooperation with The Client

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Be Aware of All Events

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