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Mr. Ahmad Ghazi Qawasmi

President & General Manager

Born in 1965 in beer and finished his studies at the Academy of the design and manufacturing of precious metals in Italy in 1990.
Currently he serves as the general manager of Jewelry Qawasmi and was a member of the Board of Owners Association concerns of gold and precious metals department stores, one of the founders of the Palestinian Federation of precious metals and a member of its board.

He participated in the establishment of several institutions and bodies such as the Unions concerns of owners of gold and precious metal shops and the Palestinian Federation of precious metals.
A member of a public body in the Business Forum.
After the chamber of commerce elections in 2011, he became secretary of the mystery in it.

Dr. Mohammad Ghazi Qawasmi

Member of Directors

Born in Egypt on 08.06.1963
- High Diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering from university of Kharkov in Russia (in 1986)
- PhD. Degree in Mechanical Engineering/AutomotiveEngineering from university of Kharkov in Russia (1989)
- Research interest:
reducing exhaust emissions of automotive engines, methods of prolonging service life of automotive engines, studying wear behavior of various engine components.


1- Article on "Methods of increasing the service Life of Engines", Automobile Manufacturing Journal, Vol. 1, Jan. 1989. USSR.
2- Presentation of a scientific paper at 89th Annual Meeting of the society of Automotive Engineers in Moscow, Feb. 15, 1989 titled "Service Life of Internal Combustion Engines".
3- Presentation of scientific paper in seminar about distance vocational learning. Amman – Jordan, February 1998, about (The experience of PalestinePolytechnicUniversity in the field of vocational education and continuing education).
4- Article on "On site gray wastewater treatment and reuse in the west bank (Palestine), Hydrology Journal, volume 26, Number 3, September 2003, India.
5- Preparation of a scientific paper on "Advanced electronic control systems of automatic transmission. For a seminar of Automotive Engineering at University of Science and Technology in Irbid – Jordan, September 2003.
6- Article on "Comparative performance and emission properties of spark ignition outboard engine powered by gasoline and LPG", Jordan journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, volume 5, Number 1, 2011, Jordan.
7- Article on "Control of soot emissions from diesel engines" Jordan journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, volume 5, Number 1, 2011, Jordan.

Eng. Qasem Ghazi Qawasmi

Member of Directors Financial Manager

Born in 1969 , he finished his studies at Palestine Polytechnic University in 1995 .
currently he serves as the finical manager of Jewelry Qawasmi

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