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DWS 009J ماكنة شمع موديل

The DW 009J is a 3D printer for jewellery incorporating DLP technology, ideal for producing masters for silicone moulding and models for lost wax casting. This is an entry-level printer - without compromising performance - developed specifically for small workshopsdesigners and artisans who require low production quantities, but the highest-quality results. This desktop machine’s compact design offers a cost-effective entry point to 3D printing, with minimal investment and extremely low running costs. Capable of producing more than 50 models per day, the 009J is a reliable printer, compatible with various investment casting and rubber moulding materials. The integrated DLP technology developed by Texas Instruments ensures accuracyprecision detail and high resolution.

DWS 028JE ماكنة شمع موديل

  DW 028J is also available in ECO and Plus versions: DW 028 JE (ECO version) is a 3D printer for rapid production with high definition. It is a reliablecost effective and high resolution 3D printer which allows to realize small batches of models with smooth surfaces, undercuts, cavities, ensuring freedom in designing.
  • Working Area: 65x65x90 mm
  • Up to 80 models per day
DW 028J Plus has a wider working area of 90x90x90 mm and allows to realize up to 150 models per day. DW 028J Plus produces detailed and fine models,undercutscavitiesfiligrees, ensuring the highest freedom when designing.
  • Working Area: 90x90x90 mm
  • Up to 150 models per day



This ultraviolet curing unit accomplishes the secondary solidification required for models built by the DigitalWax® rapid prototype machines. Although the models are perfectly formed, they must be cured by a period of exposure to UV light; this process enables the consolidation and stabilization of the model’s structure. This larger curing machine is suggested for DigitalWax 029 because its interior will accommodate the entire building platform at one time. The curing machine includes a timer, forced interior ventilation, an on/off button and an interlock switch on the door for safety.   Specifications:
  • Brand : DigitalWax
  • Model or style no. : M
  • Dimensions : 14-1/2"W x 13"D x 18-7/8"H
  • Voltage : 220 volts
  • Country of origin : Italy
  • Inside dimension : 8.875"W x 9.875"D x 8.875"H

XFAB 3500HD ماكنة طباعة ثلاثية الابعاد DWS

Main Features

  • Fast and precise stereolithographic printer
  • “Plug and Play” system
  • Material developed and produced by DWS
  • TTT System - Tank Translation Technology that reduces wear and tear of tanks