VEKARIA ماكنة نقش عرضي (MSH820)


  • This is a compact mini single head ideally suited to create multi-faceted designs on Bangles, Rings (bands), Signet Rings, Pendants, Ear Tops, Bali and various shapes of Beads and Chains.
  • Manual feed lever with an adjustable depth screw for depth to cut on job.
  • Vertical axis with micromatic screw adjustments for fast location / retraction of work piece.


  • 1-a Micromatic Vertical Movement Steering
  • 1-b Main Switch
  • 1-c Depth setting Micromatic Screw
  • 1-d Vertical Movement Lever
  • 2 AFM25-61: Horizontal Tool Holder 25mm for 1 Tool
  • 3 AFM79-41: ‘D’ Tilting Device (for Kanas Bangles) with cross cut
  • 4 AFM38-11: Microscope with Device
  • This machine is also especially designed to work on the following attachments:
  • Self-lining device with stepper motor and digitally read controller
  • Single zig-zag (laser) attachment
  • Double zig-zag (laser) attachment
  • ‘D’ Tilting device for round half round (kanas type) bangle
  • Has an effective “Auto Electro Brake System”, to stop horizontal spindle instantly
  • And many more attachments are innovated for special jewelry

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ماكنة نقش عرضي MSH-820