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The MCE vacuum casting furnace is used to produce casted jewellery as well as ingots or sheet.

It is a combination of the most advanced casting technology and Italimpianti Orafi’s 40 years experience in the goldsmith industry. The unit has been designed to be user-friendly, facilitating the casting process and reducing all manual operations to a minimum, eliminating any possible man-made errors.

This machine is a combination of quality and versatility:

It allows you to use flasks with flange or without flange, with holes
or without holes, of many different sizes, it can work both under
vacuum and under pressure according to the jewellery items you
need to make, in gold or silver, obtaining always the same highquality

It has a compact design, reduced overall dimensions, provided with powerful converter inside, easy to operate, using a touch-screen panel, both for expert or inexpert casters. The microprocessor inside the machine
allows you to memorize up to 100 casting programs.

With this casting furnace there is the possibility to do also gold grains using an appropriate grains production tank and gold ingots using appropriate ingot moulds to be placed in the lower chamber.

The machine can work both in manual and automatic mode.

Thanks to the on-board, user-friendly computer, all of the parameters of each casting cycle can be modified according to the worker’s own particular requirements. There are 100 available programmes that can be designated to 100 different types and combinations of alloys, colours, karats, pieces etc. Each of these programmes can be memorised either by name or number, which makes programme-selection easier to do.
The MCE series have several programmes for the most common pieces and carats already memorised in the computer therefore allowing any worker to easily gain confidence with machine.

The measurement of the temperature of the alloy is made by a type N thermocouple inserted inside a spear-valve.


Synthesis Specifications
• Frequency converter which auto tunes itself according to the quantity and type of alloy being used to give the maximum energy output.
• Step processor with a memory able to contain up to 100 different melting programmes. Each programme memorises the temperature and the vacuum pressure settings as well as the length of the melting, pouring and solidifying steps.
• When the machine is switched on, it will automatically go through a check up sequence, followed by a preheating step at a preset temperature. By doing this, the furnace is slowly heated up thus avoiding eventual thermal shocks. It is also possible to time this sequence to start before working hours.
• Continuous monitoring of all the essential parameters during each working step
• Continuo monitoraggio dei parametri fondamentali di lavoro.
• Advanced diagnostic alarm software
• Help on line, context dependent, showing what to do to exit an alarm mode.
• Built in computer with a touch screen display, with personalised buttons to immediately use the furnace.
• Personalised language and possibility to visualise the temperature either in Celsius (°C) or in Fahrenheit (°F).
• Possibility to work in manual mode, for testing or check-ups on the working cycle
• Possibility to connect the computer to a printer and/or a host computer for remote controlling, listing of the melting programmes and the creation of daily reports with the total of castings produced.

Power 5 KVA 6,5 KVA 12 KVA
Crucible Capacity 1.2 Kg of 18 kt gold 2.5 Kg of 18 kt gold 7 Kg of 18 kt gold
Protective Gas Consumption About 20 lt. for melting About 20 lt. for melting About 20 lt. for melting
Cooling Water Consumption About 15 l/min About 15 l/min About 15 l/min
Diameter flasks with flange and holes From 80 up to 120 mm From 80 up to 120 mm From 80 up to 180 mm
Diameter flasks without flange and holes From 80 up to 130 mm From 80 up to 130 mm From 80 up to 190 mm
Cylinder Height Max 200 mm Max 300 mm Max 400 mm
Melting and Pouring time 6 minutes 6 minutes 6 minutes
Dimensions (mm)
950x600x1500 950x600x1500 950x600x1500
Weight 350 kg 360 kg 370 kg
Vacuum Pump Included on the price Included on the price Included on the price

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