MAGICA & MAGO: the espresso coffee machine with cappuccinatore


Let yourself be surprised by the magic of a perfect espresso, from every point of view, including that of the machine designed and engineered to make it. “Unique” design, because the Caffè d’Italia system is unique, because the shape of our capsule is inimitable, from which we took inspiration to create the lines of this small but large appliance. Italian style, because for us Italians, having style “makes the difference” and makes us feel in step with the times … like the technology found in this little gem of a home: – Automatic stand-by after 10 minutes of inactivity for savings intelligent energy. – Two programmable volumes to have the desired quantity of coffee “without worries”. – Adjustable cup holder for espresso cup or mug.
Attention to detail, the light in the cup compartment and the retractable sliding door truly give this machine a “touch of magic”.
Magica can be completed with the practical and functional Mago milk frother.

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Preparing an excellent milk froth to stain and / or enrich your espresso coffee, obtaining a thick and soft milk cream to enjoy a “mouth-watering” cappuccino, will be child’s play: just pour the milk, press the button central (hot milk) and wait a few minutes; at the end, an audible signal will warn you that your milk froth is ready to be combined with the espresso coffee obtained from our Magica.
Magica e Magica… and the magic of cappuccino is achieved with a few simple gestures under your eyes.
But where Mago really works magic is in the preparation of hot chocolate: pour the milk, add about 30 gr. of cocoa and press the button on your right (chocolate) and wait a few minutes; at the end, an audible signal will warn you that your hot chocolate is ready to be enjoyed.
Mago can be used alone or it can be connected and powered directly by Magica.

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