VEKARIA (TSP821) ماكنة خراطة دبل + أساور

We are highly acclaimed in this industry for providing an optimum quality range of Bangle Turning Machine.


  • Turning machine for inside, outside and side turning of bangle and ring with variable programmable speed controller
  • Especially designed compact table top portable machine works on the principle of lathe machine with variable speed suitable for straight and eccentric mill grain work on Wedding Bands
  • Besides, all type of inner, outer, side, concave and convex turning, chamfering, polishing and lining, channel setting, prong cutting, etc.
  • Micromatic screw for varying the radius
  • Both ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis are provided with identical stoppers and locking device for mass production and safety.
  • Clamping and declamping of bangle and ring varies within fraction of seconds.
  • Mirror finish on work piece with a feather touch of simple diamond tool (no fancy tools required)
  • Tapering of rings on both sides with a special tool holder and special taper turning device
  • Outer turning of bangle and ring is possible with the same collets of faceting and milling machine
  • Mill grain tool holder is provided for knurling bangle and ring
  • True chuck fixture for lathe type of work can be supplied on request
  • Triangle, square, oval, turning device for inner and outer turning, flat, concave, convex, channel and mill grain on wedding bands
  • An effective “Auto-Electro Brake System” which stop spindle instantly (optional accessory)
  • Ideal for medium and large scale jewelry industries


  • 1-a Longitude Slide ‘X’ Axis with Fine Graduated Wheel
  • 1-b Adjustable Stoppers for ‘X’ ‘Y’ Axis
  • 2-a Slide Locking Key
  • 2-b Transverse Slide ‘Y’ Axis with Fine Graduated Wheel
  • 3-a Control Panel
  • 3-b VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • 4-a ATM04-41: Ring Inner Turning Device
  • 4-b ATM04-32: Ring Inner Turning Collet
  • 4-c ATM01-21: Concave and Convex Turning Tool Holder
  • 4-d ATM04-24: Ring Inner Turning Tool Holder
  • 5-a ATM01-23: Facing Tool Holder 90mm for One Tool
  • 5-b AFM36-11: Ring Collet for Circumferential
  • 5-c AFM28-23: Ring Collet Mandrel (12mm)
  • 5-d ATM04-26: Ring Holding Device for Taper Turning
  • 6-a ATM04-17: Ring Eccentric with Indexing for Inner / Outer Turning Device from 0 To 8 mm with set of Counter Balance
  • 6-b ATM04-18: Ring Outer Turning Collet Mandrel (12mm) for Eccentric Device
  • 7-c ATM01-24: Knurling Tool Holder
  • 8-a ATM04-19: Ring Inner Turning Collet Mandrel (12mm) for Eccentric Device
  • 8-b AFM04-09: Ring Eccentric Inner Turning Collet
  • 9-a ATM01-27: Cutter Arbor for Turning Machine
  • 9-b ATM06-01: Vertical Sliding Device with Indexing Device AFM41-73

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TSP-821