Qawasmi Jewelry Company General Construction Ahmed Qawasmi .. overturn the balance of the gold industry in Palestine

Ahmed Qawasmi .. overturn the balance of the gold industry in Palestine


Gold industry has flourished in Palestine recently to cover about 90% of the need of the market after it was covering only 10%. Hebron and manufactured by 56 factories about 60% of the Palestinian gold. It is the largest and oldest of these factories Qawasmi factory.

Gate Palestine’s economy | Belle Rantisi, in the heart of Qawasmi factory went sits the man balanced on his throne in the heart of the ground floor, to receive visitors and clients, manages the plant was able to a few years to take its place on the throne of gold factories in Palestine.

Paints his white hair old features that hide its vitality and Rzanth, those enamel embodied the taste and art in the formulation of jewelry for the movement of badminton later to other fingertips inject more young blood in the large factory.

Choose thoughtful
Ahmed Qawasmi, the owner of the gold factory in Hebron did not choose this specialization randomly, after the termination of the general secondary stage flared up his mind to look for workmanship put it in record time on the ladder of success and leadership.
Finally, he found that the wording of the gold is the specialty that amuse him, Qawasmeh emerged from his city on his way to Italy in 1984 to study the formulation of gold, he chose Italy with many institutes and factories specialized in the gold industry.

Science and work in parallel
Qawasmi spent five years between education and employment, the integration of their art to come out and experience together the testimony of Tmcnanh Investment Alienation and shorten the past that could be needed for the future and puts his dream columns.
While studying at the Institute of specialist drafted in March FREE Gold work at the beginning of his career in the Italian city of Florence, after the opening of the company in partnership knowledge of the Italian market owners, he was at that time nearly twenty-five years only.
Small company that grew up on his hands and his partners she has to leave for home, and here the work on the resolution of its partnership Qawasma salesman everything to buy the equipment and devices that require him in his company that he intends to set up in the city of Hebron.

The dream has become reality
1994 Qawasmi able to establish a factory on the land of Hebron, to start after a long journey from the grandfather and fatigue to complete his dream stations.
Due to the lack of specialists in the field of goldsmithing in Palestine, doubling the effort required to establish a crew capable of factory management, and here Qawasmi began training employees and one by one, until he was able to train a group able to train the rest of the staff who now number 33 employees.

First Employee
Qawasmi puts his staff in the hierarchy of interests, says, “The gold industry old confined to the Father and of the Son, and would have preferred the factory owner to be a little production that brings more staff because of the accuracy of the profession and the lack of security, but now there’s openness to hire young people, according to their experience and their desire to learning. ”
The show Qawasmi great attention to his staff, show features while greets Photos majestic staff on one of the walls of the factory in a strategic place where, he says, “usually puts the owners of factories and companies their pictures, but I prefer putting pictures of Manufacturers staff nor setter Picture because I know that my success is their own.”

Purification line and sole of its kind
Qawasmi factory became one of the first gold factories in Palestine, the excellence of what can be considered the first Palestinians, though he rejects this tag modest. Where its purifying gold metal line, the only line in Palestine, it is several months not only the Palestinian factories send gold for Israel to be purified, but the existence of the new line in Qawasmi factory has been dispensed with Israel, and can even all plants purify her gold in it, as provided the cost, time and risk in the gold transfer.
Qawasmi proud that among those trained to become the owners of factories in Palestine, “There are five owners of the factories are my disciples, and I am proud of them.” It is also among the employees who work with him for 17 years and more, and those considered right forearm in his factory.


Doors open profession
The employees’ salaries are between 2,500 Hiql- 6,000 shekels, here it is advisable Qawasmi young people to knock on the doors of the profession, calling them directly to go for training in the Palestinian factories and gain experience without going to study abroad to shorten the costs and time required, noting that continuous communication between the factory Italian and factories that provide support for his factory and factories facing difficulties or obstacles in their work.
Qawasmi explained that there is underway in order to develop specialty Jewels in the Palestine Polytechnic University, to teach Goldsmith, advised the youth to exploit the market need for this specialization due to lack of staff which, due to the need of the Palestinian market Goldsmith.

Tipped the scales ..
Boasts a Qawasmi staff director, said: “This man has revived the spirit of the gold industry in our region, it was the gold production before the establishment of the factory in Palestine 10%, and import 90%, but that he came to Palestine and experience that tomorrow the region prompted the coup scales to become the domestic manufacturing 90% and imported only 10%. ”
Qawasmi returned and confirmed the quality and purity of the Palestinian Gold, calling for confidence and reassurance about what is at stake in the Palestinian market of gold and skilled factory hands with latest machinery and under the supervision and training of skilled experts from abroad.

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