Qawasmi Jewelry Company House Renovation The opening of the precious metal purification plant and waste recycling factories and workshops Gold

The opening of the precious metal purification plant and waste recycling factories and workshops Gold

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hebron participated in the opening of the new headquarters of the group Qawasmi investment / Jewelry Co. Qawasmi and the opening of the precious metal purification plant and the recycling of waste factories and workshops of gold in the town of Beit Kahil, where he participated in the opening of both: HE Hebron Governor Kamel Hamid, the head of the Chamber of Commerce ceremony / Head of the Palestinian Union precious metals Mohamed Ghazi Herbawi, Hebron Municipality and chairman Dr. David Zaatari, the head of the business forum Mohammed Nafez Hirbawi, and general manager of stamp Jacob Shaheen, the director of Hebron’s economy Maher al-Qaisi, the Secretary-General of the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce and industry Jamal Jawabra, and the Secretary General General Union of Palestinian Industries return Shehadeh, the head of Palestine Polytechnic University, Dr. Imad Khatib, in addition to Dr. Khalid Qawasmi Minister of local previous ruling, the number of members of the Chamber of Commerce and public Mderaa, and the leaders of the security services and the leadership of the region, the spokesman of Fatah Osama Qawasmi, Dr. David Qawasmi of the port company Traitjon US Agency for projects in the Palestinian territories.
In his welcoming speech, Mr. Ahmed Ghazi al-Qawasmi, General Manager of the company emphasized his pleasure to receive this distinguished crowd of dignitaries at the company’s headquarters, and touched on the march his company starting from 1993, and to this day he has been able it to overcome most of the difficulties facing the precious metals sector in Palestine , first and foremost monopoly Israeli companies to agencies of materials and equipment, which led to the development of the industry in Palestine as a whole even surpassed many neighboring countries. He stressed that his study of the industry in Italy had a larger impact in deepening the understanding of this sector and the requirements of growth and development.

Qawasmi Turning to the main dilemma facing the sector at the moment, a problem that gold ore input, which is caused by the difference between the Palestinian and Israeli legal problem, calling on decision-makers in the Palestinian National Authority to work hard to resolve them, especially in light of technological development reached by the jewelry industry Palestine, where he became capable of technical and technological aspects of the export.

HE Hebron Governor Kamel Hamid move the turn of thanks and greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian private sector, and stressed that what he saw today in this company is a source of pride leads us to label Hebron from that day on the golden city, as merciless on the spirit of the martyr leader Yasser Arafat, who has taken the right decision since the establishment of the national Authority as gold savings substance is not subject to VAT, contrary to Israeli law.
On the subject of security, Attovih stressed that there are clear instructions to all security services need to provide security to all citizens in all parts of the province, stressing the connecting cameras this company room for the security services joint operations.
Engineer Mohammad Ghazi Hirbawi, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and president of the Palestinian Federation Precious Metals congratulated in his speech owners of the company to this great national achievement, and explained that the investments pumped into the private sector in the precious metals sector, amounting to tens of millions, which had a prominent role in increasing the share of local products in the market from 10% twenty years ago to more than 95% at the moment, and stressed that the Hebron acquires more than 60% of the production capacity of the precious metals sector.
Dr. David Zaatari Hebron mayor congratulated the owners of the company on the occasion of the opening, stressing that this achievement is a source of pride for all Palestinians, hoping that this sector be able to overcome the obstacles to access to export in the near future.
Dr. Zaatari also addressed to the intention of the Hebron municipality to hold a joint workshop with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hebron and Business Forum to discuss the problems facing the industrial sector and the possibility of providing special facilities possible after the establishment of the proposed industrial zone.
The delegation toured the company’s facilities where he saw the various departments, and the technology used, also heard from the general manager of the company to explain all the available security and protection systems.

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